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Seeking real Kapuskasing

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Four youth were travelling in a vehicle on Cargill Road in Kapuskasing when it crash. Three of the occupants were injured, while one person died as a result of the collision.

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He referred to the Kapuskasing River as the "Kai-bush-ka-sing". A long established local belief suggests the word Kapuskasing means "Bend in River".

The four young people in the vehicle were injured in the collision and sent to hospital via ambulance. Kapuskasing CAO Guylain Baril says annually the town is a host site for evacuees from different communities who have been moved due to forest fires, flooding or other disasters.

Three of the occupants were injured, while one person died as a result of the collision. No ro existed, but northern Cree Indians and fur traders had used the local rivers connecting to James Bay for centuries. The first reported survey of the district in which Kapuskasing lies was carried out in by Dr.

Survey parties were sent out to explore, document and report back to the Province on the various resources of water-power, timber etc. According to Bell's information, the Kapuskasing River derived its name from the lake at its head.

Four youth were travelling in a vehicle on Cargill Road in Kapuskasing when it crash. Two were released with non-life threatening injuries, rewl a year-old female has passed away, and a year-old male remains in hospital. Police say the investigation is ongoing and are reminding the public to drive with caution and always wear a seatbelt.

Seeling questions and details can be directed to the town of Kapuskasing or the evacuation office at 6 Queen Street or by contacting Evacuation Coordinator Guylaine Ouellette at Related Stories.

Available lands and buildings

Recent Posts. In the summer of groups of surveyors traveled the many rivers of this remote area documenting their findings. Now, police say a year-old from the town has been charged with: Dangerous operation causing death Dangerous operation causing bodily harm x 2 Original: A single car crash involving four youth turned fatal over the weekend. Baril says keeping the list up-to-date helps keep them prepared for any Seeking real Kapuskasing evacuation.

Indigenous Service Canada, offers what I would call premium rent prices for those units, so its normally good money for someone who wants to offer their home or their space. Ontario Provinicial Police say the crash happened Friday, August 16 after 8 p. He says whether it be Kashechewan or Fort Albany residents that they hosted this past year, or even the possible residents of Cat Lake First Nation who may need to be evacuated into town over the coming month, Baril says putting together a list of available homes is a must.

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Robert Bell of the Geological Survey of Canada. The road was closed for approximately 13 hours, but has since been reopened.

Their main interest was to seek out and delimit areas for further agricultural settlements that would give Ontario a new farming frontier to offset the attraction of the western prairies. Surveyors who explored the Kapuskasing River and tributaries in rsal local Cree guides familiar with the country who provided the local place names and their meanings to them.

Use the search box to find a home or click a listing below to view Canadian homes for sale. The town of Kapuskasing gets its name from the Kapuskasing River, which was so named long before the existence of the town. In this report the word Kapuskasing is said to mean "Whispering Water".

The town was known as MacPherson until when the name was changed so as not to conflict with another railway stop in Manitoba. Kapuskasing is a word of Cree origin and its true meaning has been the question of debate.