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Girls looking at dicks

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Reprinted here with permission from the author, who has also provided an afterword about the response to her story. I have one of the few jobs where the first thing people ask about is penises. Well, Reggie Jackson was my first.

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Of course, Rader would have spat corn at anybody. They picked three—Cindy, because she was a perky cheerleader at the University of Texas at Arlington; Jamie, because she had modeling experience; and me, because I was a pest.

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Amy: Not at all. For short-term commitments, bigger is better. Thanks for the feedback! They used to have us dance to the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" in the seventh inning, and for a while we shook pom-poms during rallies—acts I now, as a baseball purist, consider heresy. No, not really. But hey, that doesn't mean we don't love you.

Advertisement It was mostly worn, ectoplasm-green indoor-outdoor carpeting—and stares. October, known to be Mr. I had enough natural talent, I felt certain, that with one high heel in the door, I could work my way into a writer's job—maybe even someday cover baseball. Advertisement It was when all the guys were inside doing interviews, and I was standing in the rain, makeup peeling, outside the high school locker room at Fort Worth's Farrington Field, waiting beneath the six-foot-long "No Women" for the players to dic,s to the doorway.

But the remarks still hurt. Consuela is studying Archaeology at the Sorbonne and the two girls hadn't seen each other for a few months.

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Not Rando Dicks, No When random dudes send me pictures of their erections it does not turn me on whatsoever, not in the slightest. So yes, women are visual too. Suddenly it all made sense: the way the s went across in a line on a scoreboard, what the three s at the end of the nine meant, even why the shortstop didn't have a bag. Would you be okay if they thought your breasts or labia were unattractive? This was baptism by back draft, not fire.


Are penises visually attractive?

Advertisement In the arbitrary world of newspaper politics, the arrival of a new sports editor breathed life into my career. But it wouldn't be my last. I spun around and walked out—past the staring faces, through the red door, down the 10,year-old bat-guano tunnel—and looiing into the dugout and the light of the real world, where I was nothing but a kid reporter who didn't get the story.

We asked some people attracted to men to take us closer to the answers.

Advertisement But much of the early abuse came from the place I least expected it—my own paper. Lookiny fully expected trouble. Advertisement Then there was the occasion Rangers manager Doug Rader spat corn on me after I asked a dumb question. He ran into a dark office where I found him hiding under the desk.

Okay, straight up. But god is his perfection. I'd heard the stories: the tales of women who felt forced to make a stand at the clubhouse door; of the way you're supposed to never look down at your notepad, or a player might think you're snagging a glimpse at his crotch; about how you've always got to be prepared with a one-liner, even if it means worrying more about snappy comebacks than snappy stories.

He did not answer.

Covering major league baseball fulltime is my goal. And I was entering the peak of a seven-year stint as the masked wrestling columnist Betty Ann Stout—Fort Worth's equivalent of Joe Bob Briggs—whose unofficial duties included opening appliance stores, riding elephants when the circus came to town, and acting as rodeo Grand Marshal on the backs of large, hoofed animals.

But the road has been anything but smooth.

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Or rather he broke up with her because, after years and years of being together, he finally got a clear view of what women's brains look like when they find themselves hunkered down in a safe haven with other people who have boobs. Advertisement It wasn't Reggie or pro-locker-room banter. A simple no would have sufficed. And there, not 1, days after I had emerged from the darkness of the womb, hundreds of bright light bulbs made me squint as I watched the first half-inning of my life, the last three outs of a Spurs game.

Advertisement I was quite confused. I wrote management repeatedly. Advertisement I was close to giving up.

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He'd pull me out of school at lunch once a year to go to the spring baseball luncheon and take me to games early so I could Girld autographs. I was surprised to realize that some of the wounds still hurt. I had to think as much about how to handle the next unwanted advance or suggestive quip as I did trying to figure the Mavericks' averages. In fact, a girth measurement might be a better bet.

Size matters, but not as much as men think, studies say.

Advertisement All I remember is green and light and the security of my daddy's arms. There were nights att the stands, too, where, just so I could enjoy the game more, my daddy patiently tried to teach the basics of scoring to not yet versed in addition. Another superior had his assistant let me off early so he could be waiting for me in the parking lot. It awakens primal instincts somehow.

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Do you need to find penises visually attractive to be attracted to men? I've always considered the real hurdle of all this to be players' perception of me, not suppressing my thoughts. Are penises aesthetically sexy? Advertisement Career ladders are never cushy for anybody, man or woman, unless of course your dad is president of GM or GE or whatever Nation's Bank is called this week. A ruler measurement is simply not enough to determine whether a penis is attractive to women.

Most are just there and ok, but then there is this thick, swollen, veiny ramrod kind of dick that also turns me on visually. But in purely objectification standpoint, yes I find them visually attractive. I can look back now and see I was sunk early, my heart hopelessly immersed in a severely codependent relationship with a kids' game played by grown-ups.