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Cleaning Supplies



KRC-7  cleans and restores like new! Effortlessly cleans glazed and unglazed ceramic tile; grout; plumbing fixtures; plastic shower stalls and bathtubs; chrome; fiberglass; stainless steel; dishwashers; swimming pools; metal fixtures and oxidized aluminum storm doors, window frames and screens. KRC-7 is a scientifically blended formula that is non-corrosive and safe for daily use. KRC-7 is a gel-like consistency with a unique brightening agent that not only brightens new and restored surfaces, but protects with a permanent invisible barrier. CAUTION: KRC-7 contains phosphoric, citric emulsifiers and surface tension reducers. In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with clear water for 15 minutes - get prompt medical attention. If swallowed, give one or two glasses of water or milk. Call a physician immediately. Rubber gloves are required for hands with open wounds or sensitive skin. Keep away from clothing. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Directions for Use KRC-7 is concentrated and can be diluted with water or used in the concentrated formula depending on the extent of the stain or soil accumulation. Use KRC-7 Concentrate for discolored grout between wall tiles; heavy soap scum; mineral and lime deposits; accumulated hard water film; heavy rust oxide and carbon or grease deposits. Use KRC-7 diluted with 4 or 5 parts hot water will quickly degrease and remove rust, clean and protect immersed nuts; bolts; dies; jigs; tools and other equipment. 1 to 4 parts of water for medium soil accumulations. Low-pressure spray for large surface areas such as swimming pools and shower stalls. 4 to 8 oz. to a gallon of water for routine cleaning such as daily care of plastic shower stalls and bathtubs; ceramic tile; fountains; stainless steel and other similar hard surfaces. 1 to 3 oz. per gallon of water, KRC-7 will efficiently clean painted surfaces. WARNING: Do not use on metallic bathroom or kitchen tile; colored grout; slate; marble or Formica. Do not mix or use KRC-7 with Clorox; chlorine; ammonia or bleach products. Do not use KRC-7 on worn or pitted bathtubs and sinks in which glaze is not acid/alkali resistant. On all surfaces to be cleaned, test a small patch for color fastness before general use. KRC-7 CLEANER/RESTORER MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS OF HOME AND INDUSTRY Marine: KRC-7 removes algae; oil scum; barnacles; white rust and brine off hulls; equipment; motors and davits. KRC-7 also removes rust on metals and chrome, including oxidized copper; bronze; brass and sheet stainless. Special tarnish inhibitors prevent copper and brass from further oxidation. KRC-7 is an unusually outstanding cleaner for fiberglass and wood boats Building Maintenance: Removes rust and stains from mortar; painted surfaces; metal; hard water stains; grout; ceramic tile; washroom fixtures; shower stalls and swimming pools, including plastic and ceramic shower facilities. Industrial: Removes rust on dies; joists; jigs; cold and hot rolled sheets; conveyor systems; machinery; condensers; metal tanks; pipes; tools; winches and davits including removal of welding flux stains and oxidized brass and copper. Automotive/Body Shops: Removes rust and assures excellent bond for body fillers and paints. Restores chrome bumpers and fixtures like new. Food Processing Plants: KRC-7 has been approved especially for Food Processing Plants. It removes carbon and rust deposits from machinery often found in food processing plants. (Heavy deposits of carbon require several hours or overnight immersion and soaking. Hot water mixture speeds the process of cleaning.) Home: Restores and cleans aluminum doors and screens; bathroom tile; metal fixtures; grout; tools; garden equipment and copper utensils.

Porcelain Touch-Up Kit

This non-yellowing high gloss porcelain glaze is perfect for touching up scratches or filling in chips and cracks on any WHITE porcelain surface.

    * Shake well.

    * Make sure area is completely clean and dry.

    * Apply glaze using applicator.

    * Allow to dry completely between applications.

    * Repeat application if necessary until damaged area is filled/repaired.

    * Lightly sand area (sand paper included) until smooth then buff with

        a soft cloth.

    * Let dry 24 hours before use.

The Cleaning Stone

For cleaning your clawfoot tub and removing tough stains, use of a pumice stone is highly recommended. This high-quality pumice stone is perfect for the job! NEVER use a pumice stone on an acrylic tub.

    * First wet the pumice stone - when wet the stone will not scratch the porcelain surface of your tub.

    * Before use on entire tub test on a small inconspicuous area.

    * Rub the wet stone back and forth over the stain, like an eraser. The soft pumice will work into

              a thick sort of paste that will help you to clean.

    * Be sure to keep the stone wet.

    * After scrubbing and removing stain, rinse the tub to clean off pumice residue.

    * To clean stone, rinse under the faucet.

The Colorcraft Porcelain Tub (or sink) Cleaning kit

This kit contains one 8 oz bottle of KRC-7 and one cleaning stone.

This Kit give you the ability to take out those old water stains.  Just apply the KRC-& and wait 10 to 30 minutes and then rub with the cleaning stone. It will surprise your how easily the stains come out.  This was make for those water stains you see in public restrooms all the time and now you can cane remove the stains from your porcelain Clawfoot tub or Porcelain sinks.   

KRC-7 PROTECT Surface Guard

KRC-7 PROTECT s a safe, neutral pH, biodegradable protectant that imparts an invisible, protective shield on all smooth and polished surfaces. PROTECT leaves a smudge-proof shield which dirt cannot penetrate.  PROTECT is resistant to finger marking, water spotting, dirt, hard water stains and fogging. PROTECT is long lasting, will not discolor any surface and does not build-up after multiple uses. Applying makes cleaning easier and can increase the time between cleanings. Use after cleaning with KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaner or KRC-7 CLEAN Multi-Surface Cleaner

Partno 881732              32 Oz Size

KRC-7         16 OZ     880716


KRC-7         32 OZ     880732


KRC-7  PROTECT Surface Guard   881732


Porcelain Touch-Up Kit     White       800131


The Cleaning Stone           800819


Colorcraft Porcelain tub Cleaning Kit 880788


KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaner - ULTRA Foaming Cleaner/Restorer

A high foaming, easy to use, trigger spray formulation, using the same,highly effective ingredients as KRC-7 Original, and equally effective. KRC-7 ULTRA is not a diluted version of the Original Gel Formula. It contains the same amount of ingredients as the Original Gel, combined with ease of use. KRC-7 ULTRA safely removes soap scum, hard water stains, rust, mineral deposits, grease, and other contaminates from non-slip tubs, acrylic, ceramic, fiberglass, plastic, stainless, copper, brass, aluminum and glass surfaces. KRC-7 ULTRA does not contain any bleach, abrasives, caustic, muriatic acid or petroleum distillates. It is non-flammable and non-fuming.

Partno 881734             32 Oz Size

KRC-7 CLEAN Multi Surface Cleaner

High foaming, heavy duty, professional strength multi-surface cleaner for fiberglass, tile, plastic, grouting, marble, Corian and many other surfaces. Biodegradable. Improved formula.

Partno 881733             32 Oz Size

KRC-7 Bathroom Cleaner /Restorer 881734


KRC-7® CLEAN Multi Surface Cleaner 881733


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